Radio Clash 112: Ghey METAL Show #2 – LIVE!

Yes it’s back, big, black and it’s METAL – but moving on from my latest sex toy, it’s also the second Ghey Metal Show \m/ METAL \m/!!!! with Scott and Tim, where we play the campest, and gheyest metal around and even pull some funny poses (below) and even talk about some serious shit – go figure.

Oh and where were you?!? Mother’s day is NO excuse, is not exactly Metal Henchman of the Apocalypse is it? Big shiny studded metal LOVE goes out to those who listened to the show on the live stream, you know who you are (which is good, cos mostly we don’t 😉
Harry Potter’s Penis (is not here:) (74Mb, 1h:43)


  • Judas Priest – Painkiller
  • Cradle of Filth – Temptation
  • Angtoria – Confide in Me
  • Wax Audio – Whole Lotta Sabbath
  • Type ‘O’ Negative – Angry Inch
  • Trivium – And Sadness Will Sear
  • Rammstein – Mann Gegeg Mann
  • Beatallica – Leper Madonna
  • Dragon Lord – Born to Darkness
  • Poison – Talk Dirty to Me
  • The Poodles – Dancing With tears In My Eyes
  • Anthrax – Cowboy Song
  • Helloween – Lay All your Love On Me
  • Bonus Blah section!

Tim does Black Metal posesScott does black metal poses


  1. March 20

    Oh my god, that pic is horrendous!! 🙂

  2. Wow…
    I really love metal (well, that newish metal stuff like trivium and alexisonfire, if they count), no idea what im doing playing in a punk band… i just look like the odd one out with the longer hair and the different clothes. Kind of fun =]. + Cradle Of Filth scare me….

  3. mike
    March 20

    How the hell did y’all find a metal cover of Hedwig? Be still my heart (:

  4. Chris Knight
    March 31

    For Scott, regarding his dead Griffin iMic, I have been using a Creative USB Sound Blaster (I have three of ’em, one or two may be the “MP3+” editions) and they work just fine in OSX for input and output. RCA stereo input and output plus optical in/out. ‘course, good luck finding any, they’re end-of-life, but given that Creative never supported them on OSX anyways, little risk. I see at least one on

    Does Queen not count as ghey metal?

  5. The Night Nurse Show » Blog Archive » #59 P. Daddy
    March 31

    […] Check out The Ghey Metal Show on Radio Clash with Tim and Scott Also check out Podcast User Magazine Issue #15 with the In The Studio feature with Scott. […]

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