Ghey Metal Show LIVE, 5pm GMT this Sunday

Myself and Scott are doing another Ghey \m/ METAL \m/ Show this Sunday (March 18th) but with a twist – it’ll be live on the shiny new Radio Clash LIVE stream from 5pm GMT (either click on the link or the link at the top of the page above).

If you don’t know what previous shows are like, check out the first Ghey Metal Show #74 – we’ll be playing the gayest campest metal tunes (that’s a short list! :-P), covers and mashups. Should be recording for about 1-1:30 hours. And of course we’ll be recording it for future podcast, but you’ll be able to hear it first on the stream.

If you don’t know how to play Shoutcast streams, they play best in Winamp and other MP3 players, and should play in QuickTime, iTunes, Real Player, and Windows Media Player. If you need access to the PLS file you can find it here (don’t worry if you don’t know what that is, you’ll know if you need to)

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