Strong and unstable

I wish this was pure comedy but it’s not, it’s true…and people keep voting these fuckers in. I guess France is a relief, although I think Jean-Luc Mélenchon was the better candidate along with Poutou.

But here we seem to be stuck with May Day, repeating ‘strong and stable’ until it sticks while hiding from the public she apparently serves, because no-one actually likes her, and she knows it. She can’t decide whether to have a snap election or not, let alone negotiate a good Brexit deal. Which I still think shouldn’t go ahead, since EU has given Northern Ireland the go-ahead to join the EU seperately, possibly meaning both NI and Scotland leave the union.

It’s just so bad I rarely talk about it on here, because it seems so impossibly fucked. It will have to get a lot worse before it gets better, and May knows that so that’s why she’s calling this election – oh and the Electoral fraud which funnily enough has gone almost completely off the radar! Yes let’s vote for the people who cooked the last election, then called a snap one a week or so before the CPS investigation on the last one!

This cartoon from Steve Past / Little Britain First says it best:

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