Have An Election Party!

I’m DJ Koalition (part Koala, part well-hung government) tonight Matthew and here are your tunes for your election PAAAAARTY! Firstly Cassetteboy remixes the news with Princess Charlotte pledging support for the Tories, well she’s born into privilege the parasite. But that’s not very danceable so let’s have a party, an acid party…TRIGGER WARNING: Contains Thatcher.

Then if you’re going to vote Tory and haven’t yet, here’s another more danceable message again from Cassetteboy, which is worth reposting. TRIGGER WARNING: Contains Cameron with added Farage and Greasy Gideon Osborne.

Then we have a flashback to 2008 and Blair finally leaving office. Well he didn’t actually leave, like a phantom he floats around, but hopeful that Ed is going to exorcise him. I think he will: TRIGGER WARNING: Contains Blair.

Dan Bull’s excellent attack on the news media who have been particularly vile in this election (I mean Independent – WTF? Oh Lebedev is cagey about his domicile status and Labour want to get rid of non-doms, that’s why) and are probably going to get worse, using the Russell Brand Trews music. REMIX!

Then via Soundhog and friends, we have David Steel’s 1977 ‘I’m Liberal Alright!’ which despite the limp liberal over the top, has some decent and proper P-Funk (Parliament Funk? Oh I see what they did there…) over the top. TRIGGER WARNING: Contains completely inoffensive liberal statements like damp cardboard or being attacked by a dead sheep.

Then more reminders that really, Tories and raves don’t mix with Orbital’s live version of Sad but True via my friend James. SQUALOR! TRIGGER WARNING: Contains dead sheep, Mr Grey Underpants himself.

“I’ll need the votes of the Common People….then I’ll shit on the Common People like you, what else would I do, I’m a Tory, that’s what I do!”

And some UK Election hiphop, although not sure I agree with voting for no-one helps anyone!:

Thanks to James for inspiring this post!

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