OH FFS 2016. RIP George Michael

Bowie, Prince and now George Michael. Really 2016 is the shitty year that keeps on giving. 🙁 Queer icon, and great songwriter, what can I say?

Well you’re out of time
I’m letting go
You’ll be fine
(or maybe you won’t)
You’re out of time
I’m letting go

Wham was fun but his solo stuff was it for me – Last Christmas is going to have a specially bitter coda now, but both Listen With Prejudice and Older album got me through some dark times, especially around the time of coming out. Especially these songs, and ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ which like Pet Shop Boys ‘To Speak Is A Sin’ is to me basically the confusing heady joy yet eventual disappointment of the gay scene and coming out in a nutshell. So many accidental hearts broken…passing ships, and straight unrequited crushes.

You have been loved, George.

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