Radio Clash 87: That 1980s Show

This is the show about the decade that taste forgot – yes the 1980s, which for some unfathomable reason is popular amongst the yoot. I just remember the telly and most films being shit and wanting MTV (oh child of little knowledge) and waiting and hoping for Stock Aitken and Waterman to die in some bizarre mixing accident…

About to fuck off to Scottyland (going to go and hassle the occupants of various small islands, Wickerman style – and YES I’ll be podcasting from the highlands) but I FINALLY got the 1980’s show done….gah! Got some great mixes in it, but I think I’m going to do more music-chat-music shows and less theme/mix shows in future…

That taste is really shit


  • ELO – Ticket to the Moon (excerpt)
  • Killing Joke – Eighties (excerpt)

Gorgeous Sweet Dreams in Funk Town mix

  • CHAOS Productions aka DJ Jay-R – Sweet Sovereign
  • Shut up and Dance – Lambourghini
  • DJ Earworm – Policy of Sweet Dreams
  • Duran Duran Duran – I Hate the 80’s
  • Funky/Gorgeous [DJ Spark Extended Remix]
  • CHAOS Productions – MIA in Funkytown
  • dj spastic fantastic – dudes just wanna have fun
  • Finally, Dreams Are Made Of…(Apollo Zero‘s Luv and Dancin’ Mix)

Numbers Mix

  • Howard Jones Will Be First Against the Wall When the Coup Comes (23 Skidoo vs Howard Jones)
  • Dunproofin – Boots International
  • Thomas Dolby – Airwaves (demo)
  • OMD – Of All The Things We’ve Made
  • Frenchbloke – Carpe Diem
  • Bugsy Malone – We Could’ve Been Anything

(Photo by Daryl Mitchell, used under Creative Commons)

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  1. Dave
    September 13

    Yet another great show, Tim. Thanks!

  2. September 14

    Thanks Dave – there’s at least one mix fuckup I didn’t edit out (the wonder of live mixing!) so glad you like it.

    Conrad – ‘good’ dancefloor or ‘bad’ dancefloor?

  3. September 15

    Brilliant as usual Tim. I especially liked the “Frenchbloke – Ugly Electric” mashup… not sure why… I guess the track “Electricity” just has 80’s written all over it. 🙂 Keep it up!

  4. September 18

    Loved this show as well Tim! You are on fire my man! 🙂

  5. September 19

    big kudos – thomas dolby, 23 skidoo, flying lizards, can’t fail!

    and what a big finish 8)

    standing ovation stuff, chin-chin, keep it up fella ü

  6. September 19

    Thanks for including my mix in that, cool mix of material.

  7. September 19

    Fantastic 80’s… there were some stunning mashes in here that brought back some fine memories. Where *do* you get ’em?

    RadioClash is up there in my top 3 music podcasts… I’m an addict, too!

    Keep ’em coming


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