Bride of Monster Mash repost

A bit over ten years ago I was working on DJNoNo’s County Sound part of the compilation ‘Bride of Monster Mash’ and Mutant night to help promote it. Looking online it seems the site and links are dead – but Bootleg Archive to the rescue! You can download it here for your Halloween mashup goodness, and I’ve uploaded The Who Boys ‘Pump Up The Pumpkin’ who I think was too late for the CD but were part of the compilation at the last minute?

Listening back a decade later, I’m surprised there aren’t many duff tracks if any – love the track by Irn Mnky, and tracks by DJ Schmolli, Pilchard, the sadly missed Essexboy with the excellent classic ‘Freaky Teethbusters’, Fettdog, djBC, Mr Fab, DJ Clive$ter, Apollo Zero, Juxtaposeur, solcofn, Krazy Ben, DJ Earlybird, Divide & Kreate – it truly is a bit of mashup history.

I returned to the Count von Count mashups 6 years later with Batty Dub:

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