Radio Clash 86: Exercising the Demons (aka Before the Storm)

Either bicycling with the Devil, table tennis with the Taleban or soccer with Saddam, it’s all exorcising your rights of free speech…just watch for those land mines. Oh who am I kidding? Nature knew what it was doing when it created me as a lavender limp wristed fag! Always last picked, and proud of it…
Also the usual mashups, remembering Bob and a new Churchy in the world! Be very, very scared…

hide the sausage here (it’s an olympic sport you know – one you have to complete in 43Mb or 75 minutes)


  • The Franz Kafka Big Band – Taleban Can – more info on the brouhaha here
  • Bonzo Dog Doodah Band – Sport (The Odd Boy)
  • Scissor Sisters – Electrobix (12″) – from Scissor Sisters Remixed – ATOC
  • Carter USM – Bloodsports For All
  • Who Boys – Revolution Uber Alles
  • DJ Mif – Whereever this message may roam
  • Irn Mnky – Teenage Praiseland
  • Alex CPopcorn! Bitch!
  • Pilchard – Puppet Pecker
  • Stab – Shoo be doo da joker
  • PHVKKAGE – Shadowmaster 2004
  • ELO – The Way Life’s Meant To Be
  • Sandra Bernhard – Lonely Town
  • Handsome Family – Weightless Again
  • Remembering Bob
  • Gene – Haunted By You
  • Susanna and the Magical Orchestra – Love Will Tear Us Apart
  • Mini-churchy, mini surreal cheese.


  1. mike
    August 29

    RE: good new order covers.

    Galaxy 500 does a great cover of ceremony.

  2. Lee (iMotorAway)
    August 29

    Now I’m not sure how to feel about playing “Weighless Again”. Anniversarys are hard. I’ve been ill or had nasty insomnia and a few days later track it back to something awful that happened in the past. It’s very odd how your body sometimes remembers.

    Thanks for the mention again…but who do I have to blow at the Radio Clash Corperate Headquarters to get my podcast added to “Tim’s Pod-Squid”??????

  3. August 30

    Oops you should be on there…added now.

    It’s a good track, not sure about the rest of that album, but it’s a good track and reminded me of a beautiful time, despite what happened later…so different people have different responses I guess.

  4. September 4

    Hey Tim.

    Thanks for the play – great show! Keep up the great work.

  5. stab
    September 21

    thanks for playing my shoo be doo da joker. just found this site.

  6. oy tim!
    thanks for the shout, loved this show! you mentioned doing some sort of ‘intercontinental’ between our shows – when ya gonna come and be on ours? come over one saturday and we’ll all sit down, crack open the drinks and do it! pllleeeease be our guest! and we’d love to come and be on yours too….
    cheers fella,
    ps see you on sunday?

  7. September 22

    yes definitely – love to come round and experience the madness…this Sat I’m probably at the Cartel thing at 93 Feet East but next Sat I’m free? 😀

    Sunday I’ll definitely pop by 😀

  8. fabadoovy! let’s get in touch on messenger to arrange a saturday afternoon, we’ll sort the chiraz n cans. next sat i’ve got me girl (daughter) down, tho she may well be up for it too (she’s a rocker) – let’s sort it out on messenger and get a recording sesh lined up – looking forward to it!
    see you on sunday!

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