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I know it’s kind of geeky but here’s the stats for This One’s For Joe, the Joe Strummer mashup compilation – I wouldn’t have done this but Marty wanted to know for the KillaKast podcast (which incidentally played Willesden Blue as part of it’s Happy 2008 show!) 😀

We’ve had over 1,000 people downloading!

Here are the hits (18th – 7th Jan):

  1. The Clash – This is Radio Clash (Dunproofin mix) – 790 hits*
  2. World Famous Audio Hacker – White Riot (Chaos Island remix) – 610 hits
  3. Bobby Martini – Too Busy Thinking About the Magnificent 7 (Marvin Gaye vs The Clash) – 596 hits
  4. Celebrity Murder Party – Coma Girl Acid Test – 476 hits
  5. Fukjamum – Trashed Apple (2 Unlimited vs Tears for Fears vs Mescaleros) – 384 hits
  6. DJ Earlybird – Straight to the Hair Farmer (Unitone Hi-Fi vs The Clash) –370 hits
  7. Ian Fondue – The Brooding Moon (Joe Strummer featuring The Music Maker and Edo B) – 364 hits
  8. Juxtaposeur – Jungle Appleseed – 344 hits
  9. Instamatic – Willesden Blue (The Orb vs Mescaleros vs Bonzo Dog Band) – 324 hits
  10. DJ Useo – Moody v. Thirteen (Moody Blues vs B.A.D.) – 309 hits
  11. Dubjamum – Strummed Donkey – 303 hits
  12. Instamatic – English Ghost (Dillinja & Lemon D vs The Clash) – 298 hits.

The Zip file got 905 unique visitors alone!

* probably much higher but he reposted the mix on his own server on the 31st.

Quite surprised at some of those (I’d recommend people check out Juxta’s great mix, Earlybird’s is brilliant and my English Ghost deserves more than last place- WAH!), but quite rightly Dun’s mix is the best and is the most downloaded!

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  1. January 14

    w00t – almost 1k in zip grabs

    The stats confirm that old adage: position, position, position.
    Listeners start from the top, and stop, at some point.

    That’s not a slight on the line-up: it works! 😉

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