Radio Clash 63: Invasion of the Bootleg Zombies

Shaun of the Dead

If bootlegs are dead, then they are the undead party zombies of the world…last Bastard gets the ‘best funeral ever’; GYBO gets a C&D and remains unrepentant and keeps going, and Tim gets on (down with) the mashup/download offensive armed with a shotgun and a cricket bat…

They’re coming to get you, bootlegs


  • Voicemails from Ross from Mashup Podcast / bw ‘The Gonk’ from Dawn of the Dead
  • MC Lars – Download this Song (more about Elisa and Nettwerk at the Future of Music blog)
  • totom – John the TV Eye (that Feeds)
  • Rant about GYBO’s Cease and Desist and The Last Bastard Picture Show
  • Irn Mnky – Ordinary Trousers
  • Cut Copy – Saturdays
  • Voicemail from Tony Valenzuela
  • Report about the Last Bastard – see pics at link above!
  • Lenlow – My Shiny Gun Mosey
  • Loo & Placido – Black Beatles
  • Instamatic – Alison She’s So Horsey (White Powder mix – exclusive demo)
  • The Knife – Heartbeats
  • Jose Gonzalez – Hand on your Heart (Kylie cover – his Myspace blog)
  • tbc – Mary Was a Cowboy (Scissor Sisters vs Boards of Canada – exclusive demo)
  • Popchor Berlin – How Soon Is Now? (from copy,right blog)


Relatio Clash


  1. February 8

    Nice new mashups!

    oops, the instamatic link leads me to loo & placido

    ¡Saludos desde barcelona!

  2. February 8

    Great show, shame about all of the umming and errring 😉

  3. February 9

    …sorry, i was busy breeding, i must have missed it…

    did you say GYBO DEAD?

  4. February 9

    …one more time…

    Gybo is DEceAseD and desisted.

    *rethinks his stance on the statement ‘There is a God’*

  5. Tyler
    February 10

    I really like this edition. And I’m not just saying that because you dropped my name. Good fun selection of songs.

  6. February 15

    Another great show Tim! As a massive Depeche Mode fan, I presume that was them in John The Revelator and not a cover version?

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