Radio Clash 94: Halloween comes Early

Exorcist and Decease cover - Bride of Monster Mash
Graphic from the Bride of Monster Mash

Ghouls and boggarts, rattle those chains and beat those b-movie drum thingies made of skulls , cos Halloween has come early. So come and dance to the Monster Mash while we try and work out what other monstrous metaphors to squeeze into this horrible excuse of a pustolous post…

It’s the voodoo that you do that makes me do doodoo (48Mb, 78mins)


Mutant Halloween mix

  • Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Heartbeats
  • Tape Beatles – Lament
  • And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead – Porpoise Song


  1. October 17

    2 of my tunes in one show? You really will scare off your listeners!

    But seriously, FANG you very much.

  2. October 18

    Well judging by the response to show 93 they’re all masochists anyway LOL

    Seriously thinking of making Disturbed LIstening Hour a regular no-show.

    Or call it the No-Show 😀

  3. thatpatguy
    October 18

    long time listener.. first time poster (I think)

    first off.. another great show, bravo!

    secondly, I’m a total Hallowe’en nut and these monster mashups are great. I’ve downloaded Bride Of (and Bonus disc) and Son Of (which I’m guess is last years effort). Is it safe to assume there was a “Monster Mashup” disc that started this whole thing?

    I’ve searched the web, found reference to one on the djbc website, but the page being referenced is down.

    If anyone wanted to be so kind as to point me to a link (or upload it and hook me up) that would be really appreciated.

    Anyway Tim.. keep up the good stuff.. Radio Clash has been one of my top 5 podcasts for over a year now.. I love it!

  4. October 24

    Love this one Tim! Awesome work once again!

  5. Adam
    October 31

    This was awesome! Was the perfect soundtrack to our office halloween party, I’m still dancing!

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