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October 31 /

I’ve been meaning to do a new Dark Electro / Disco Noir mix since I did the last one 3 years ago (was it really that long?).

As I’ve gotten more into dubstep, psych garage and surf oddities this is also now reflected in this late edition of Disco Noir 2 – it also has rock, dubstep, doowop, dnb, mashups (including a few from the excellent new Texas Chainsaw Mashacre album), and of course dark and cheesy disco and electro. Big love and thanks goes to them and also Mr Fab via WFMU 365 Days Project for his Disco Sickness compilation which donated a few horrible disco tracks from hell….and I’m guessing quite a few of the spoken word bits are from either of them too!

So I hope you enjoy this dark journey under the light of the moon, with the cry of the wolf, cat, cackling witch and, err, weird synthetic comic ghost noise. oooOOOoOOOOoo! And watch out for scary background noises BEHIND YOU – they creeped into the mix when I wasn’t looking.

How Can Shadows be Slimey? (120Mb, 2:11)

October 15 /

Graphic from the Bride of Monster Mash Ghouls and boggarts, rattle those chains and beat those b-movie drum thingies made of skulls , cos Halloween has come early. So come and dance to the Monster Mash while we try and…