Young Punx mashed – Simple Mashures by DJ Schmolli (Instamatic video mashup)

It’s finally out the excellent AudioPornCentral vs Young Punx mashup album – a crew of mashup producers taking the whole of the recent Young Punx ‘Mashpop Punkstep’ album and well, mashing it! Includes the likes of djbc, DJ Schmolli, A&D, Copycat, Philretrospector, lobsterdust, B.A.R.T.O., Dunproofin, Divide & Kreate, Pheugoo, Simon Iddol and even the The Young Punx themselves.

So Simon Iddol asked me to contribute video to the project and here it is – for one of my fave tracks from the album, DJ Schmolli’s Simple Mashures – taking Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s ‘Californication’, Kelis, Featurecast and Suzanne Vega and mixing it with Simple Pleasures by Young Punx.

So obviously I went for a computer game, cyberspace and virtual reality take given the wonderful RHCP video – so also included is the likes of Lawnmower Man, that Pixels video doing the round, La Roux, Lowill and many YP videos.

Hope you enjoy!

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    • April 17

      oops you and Phil dropped off the list- added now

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