Mort Garson

Exploring the world of Mort Garson at the moment. I’m not really how you go from this, funky disco Kung Fu, to Moog Satanic spooktronica in a similar vein to Haack’s Electric Lucifer album:

To Summer of Love floaty psychedelic astrology floaty bobbins (thanks to Ben Soundhog for pointing me in the direction of this album, which started me down the Yellow Brick Rabbit Hole):

To exotic lounge music which he co-wrote for the Ruby and the Romantics (you probably will know this song via covers):

Deranged hippy version of Wizard of Oz where Dorothy wants to know ‘where it’s at’? Check:

And back to novelty electro disco songs about UFO’s (with the obligatory van/truck reference – surprised they didn’t crowbar a CB reference in there?)

I haven’t even listened to the album for plants yet ‘Plantasia’…they talk about a ‘full life’ and ‘eclectic tastes’, but no-one has anything on Mort Garson’s career!

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