Tag: Ben Soundhog

January 12 /

Exploring the world of Mort Garson at the moment. I’m not really how you go from this, funky disco Kung Fu, to Moog Satanic spooktronica in a similar vein to Haack’s Electric Lucifer album: To Summer of Love floaty psychedelic…

March 6 /
January 22 /

Seems Noel Gallagher has finally realised what most of us knew 20 years ago – that Oasis were shit (mostly) and that their videos were terrible. Check out this Oasis DVD comment track highlights for extra lulz. Funny thing is…

March 21 /

Well makes a change from Wanderin’ Star…repeat after me ‘MUST’VE TAKEN AAAAAGESSS’ (via Ben Soundhog)