A rather funny lost interview from PodcastCon 2006

Just found this rather funny and very drunken (and NSFW, scurrilous, loud, and extremely rude) interview at Podcastcon 2006 by Scott of the Night Nurse Show (now Gay Ass Rock Show) for Radio Clash (well more he saw my little iRiver recorder and insisted on doing an interview and wouldn’t take no for an answer!).

If you listen to his discussions in part one with Linda Mills (then of Podcast User) and Conrad Slater of Bitjobs for the Masses about masturbating to Radio Clash and spoken word podcasts, fannies and blowjobs…or in part two joined by Rob Dolby (Top of the Pods) with Scott talking about starfucking and probably libellious discussions including Podshow being the darkside…you might realise why I didn’t use it (also I was busy doing the San Francisco podcasts just after).

It makes my and Scott’s interview with Twinkleboi seem well nice and clean and sober…goodness knows what the legendary all-podcaster Top of the Pods recorded that night sounds like then, that was so rude never made it out there 😉

But as a stroll down memory lane, it’s very funny.


  1. June 4

    Oh. My. God.

    How drunk and gay do I sound? Let me answer that – VERY!!!!!!

    • June 4

      According to Rob about an hour later you were 10 times worse…LOL

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