60’s chillwave dubtronica

So for those who think their ambient nu-gaze chillwave electronica dubbed out hipster doodles are somehow new (as millennials invented *everything* first dontchano :-P), here’s electronic and lounge pioneer Dick Hyman to school you along with Mary Mayo on vocal theremin duties.

Yes some of this album is dated in a samba/lounge fashion, but this and Moon Gas are light years ahead, and Dick Hyman went onto to create a couple of classic Moog albums in the late 60’s – the bonkers MOOG: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman and The Age of Electronicus. The Minotaur – which sounds something a post-dubstep musician would squeeze out today – actually MADE it into the US Top 40 charts as a B side in 1969 as the first purely electronic pop single – way before Popcorn.

But most people know – even if they don’t think they know – Hyman’s The Moog and Me, as it was sampled on Beck’s album Odelay for ‘Sissyneck’, shame unlike Jean-Jacques Perrey and Fat Boy Slim, that Hyman didn’t get the chart hit love he deserves, he’s still going strong also…weirdly I’ve missed a lot of Hyman’s stuff until the last few years, unlike Gershon Kingsley, Perrey, Raymond Scott, Bruce Haack and the Radiophonic Workshop who have been a heavy part of my life, somehow Hyman never came up like they did?

Shame, I’d have loved this stuff back then – and in fact I already knew some of it via samples!

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