Radio Clash 14: El3tr0n1c ed1t10n

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Show 14 – El3tr0n1c ed1t10n

  • Elektric Music – Baby Come Back(from Ruby Trax)

8-bit Anarchy mix:


History of Mashups vol.5 – Switched-On Bootlegs (Mashup Greats from Way out)

  • Bruce Haack – Electric to Me Turn , from Electric Lucifer, 1970 (excerpt)
  • Wendy Carlos -Sinfonia to Cantata # 29 , from Switched on Bach, 1968 (excerpt)
  • Jean Jacques Perrey – EVA, from Moog Indigo, 1970 (excerpt)
  • Gershon Kingsley- Popcorn 1969 (various versions, excerpts)

Reference: Space Age Pop

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