RC 136: All The World’s A Siege

Artwork by Tim B – Original image by Superk8CC Some Rights Reserved

All the world’s a siege; and o’er this far flung isle something is rockin’ in the state of Dubstep. This above all, Billy Waggledagger gets the props, but otherwise it is all Greek to me.

2B or not 2B, that is the pencil: (73Mb, 97mins) https://www.radioclash.com/show-archive/rc_136.mp3


  • Lethal Bizzle – Babylon’s Burning in the Ghetto (from Love Music Hate Racism CD1)
  • High Contrast – In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (from Tough Guys Don’t Dance)
  • Skream – Chest Boxing (from Love Music Hate Racism CD2)
  • Benga – Music Box
  • New Age Steppers – Fade Away
  • Flight of the Conchords – Inner City Pressure – see video
  • Akala – Electro Livin’ (from Love Music Hate Racism CD2)
  • Coil – Further Back & Faster
  • Jean Jacques Perrey and Luke Vibert – Moog Acid (Jackson Mix – via AudioOut blog)
  • Soft Cell – Monoculture (Playgroup edit)
  • Dead Milkmen – Instant Club Hit
  • Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip – A Letter from God
  • Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly – Build You A Tower (demo – from Love Music Hate Racism CD1)
  • High Contrast – Chances (from Tough Guys Don’t Dance)
  • Psychic TV – Just Drifting
  • Psychic TV – Always is Always
  • Lemon Interrupt – Minneapolis Airwaves (from AudioOut)
  • Coil – Lorca not Orca
  • Jeff Sconce – carry on wayward continuity actor (from Thus Sang Zarahelium)
  • Psychic TV – The Orchids
  • DJ Earworm – Lemon Lucy
  • Hot Butter – Mah Na Mah Na
  • Miss Piggy – Stereau Workout (from WFMU)
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Rain / I Want a Divorce

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  1. November 7

    Hey Tim – just got round to listening to this one – it’s great. Cheers!

    I actually helped out on Bizzle’s Babylon Burning video. Spent a day throwing TV’s off a building. It was pretty cool! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbf83rLG2mQ)

    Keep on keepin’ on,


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