Year Zero has arrived (Exclusive news, well sorta)

We were trying (and failing) to do a sort of mysterious shadowy presence thing as our remix outfit ‘Year Zero’ but it leaked out anyway…which is fine, I was about to blow the gaff as I was fed up with not being able to do promo shizzle.

Anyway hiding in out the sewers with masks and capes wasn’t really all it was cracked up to be 😉

So who is Year Zero? Well it’s me, Ian Fondue (Crimes Against Pop) and Jez aka Celebrity Murder Party, and our first remix is coming out in March as part of Billie Ray Martin‘s Crackdown Project (I previously blogged about this, but didn’t explain the context 😉 – Volume 2: Darkness Restored  out on Disco Activisto (on all digital outlets March 15th – already listed over at Juno!) including our mix ‘The Crackdown: Year Zero Remix’. The first volume, Sold Out To Disco is out Feburary 15th.

And you torrent heads aren’t left out cos Billie is collaborating with torrent-site to release free exclusive mixes in a few weeks (January 25) – so no excuse not to go listen, really.

A bit of background – The Crackdown Project is Billie working with Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire on two Cabs songs, ‘The Crackdown’ and ‘Just Fascination’, produced by Berlin tech-house act Maertini Broes. So now you know 😀

What does our mix sound like? Well imagine dubstep crossed with glitch and a bit of an african influence; and you’ll be partway there…part of the manifesto of Year Zero is to treat remixing with the same ethos as our mashup work – a little bit of this, a little bit of that. And given all our diverse influences from dubstep to pop to hiphop to african beats to electro, house and glitch, I think that’s going to be an eclectic mix, and hopefully something different. I’m proud of the mix, but we all agreed it’s only a start and part of what we can do – we’ll see in future months where we go from there 😉

The other very talented remixers involved across the 2 disc set are many names you’d recognise from Radio Clash – Copycat (just heard his mix on Gaydar radio’s exclusive, very good), Celebrity Murder Party (heard early versions of these, very good club choonage), Divide and Kreate, Dunproofin, Flying White Dots, Phil RetroSpector, Oicho (David Harrow) and Lusty Zanzibar.

Anyway from what I’ve heard both discs are going to be belters and span club action, dark electro to balearic, moody dubstep and nu-disco, and I’m willing to bet a lot more besides.


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