Sylvan Esso

Hmm, I really don’t want to add more to the Hype Machine’s Most Blogged Chart, but given this blog isn’t in their 800 Best Blogs let alone on their radar, it probably won’t. Another mentioned on 6Music was someone I initially thought was Silver Nesso, which is a better name than Sylvan Esso, the name of this group.

It’s all about the video though, seems to be one man’s history (one of the group) through dancing and a really bad party where he met the girl (the other half of the duo – or lost the girl? Spring Break 2008 though, I guess it’s the other way round – he’s dancing with the bored-looking girl at the start where she looks much happier) and then dreams that they all do 50’s themed contra-dancing, which is way cooler than the party. And then it goes and mashes those up together, sort of, more traditional video style.

The song? Well it sounds like someone doing dubstep in a kitchen. Pretty good, might grow on me. Makes a change from the drippy ethereal no-gaze fey folktronica which passes for blog ‘cool’ nowadays (this is why I find my own path, my own tunes, hence no Hypem affiliation – but sometimes good to dip into the pool to see what’s going on).

But the video – I really like.

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