Reality Engine – TX 3: Tartarus

It’s just over a year since I started the Transmissions (TX) series over at my Bandcamp and we’re coming almost to the end. The latest is a dark ambient experimental selection, chosen around the theme of Tartarus, the dark world where Nyx (Goddess of Night) lives, Cronos is imprisoned and is far beyond Hades. Think drones, caverns, Allegorical Caves, Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here, Aristophanes, burbles and profane strange noises. These come mostly from the same sessions where TX1: Forgotten Building comes from, but where that was mostly drippy, crystalline sounds, this is more about the murk, the dank, the rumble 😉

You might dig it if you like old radiophonic library music, Boards of Canada, Einheit FM, that sort of thing, but it’s mostly formed from live experiments so although I’ve done a little re-editing here and there, it’s more free-form than structured, sound art than song. So don’t expect Justin Beiber 😉 It is also quite quiet too, I don’t master these like my mashups, so there is a lot of dynamics.

Best tracks for this release I think are ‘Stalagbytes (Cronus Sleeps)’ the track above, and the closing track which suggested it’s own title of ‘Time Wings Birds Lapse And The Echo Collapses'”

Should upload TX: 4 in the next day or so…

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