Reality Engine TX 4: Found Unsound (Remnants)

The last Reality Engine TX release, and this is a collection of experimental ‘found sound’ pieces, ones that didn’t fit on any of the other TX series. Introducing the album and interspersed across it is my old modul-8 radio ( jingles I did for the rudimentary Real Audio stream I had in 1999 showcasing acts on the modul8 webring. These come from a lot of what I call ‘Scan Jams’ – hours of scanner and Shortwave recordings, sometimes raw, sometimes with live additions like you’ve heard on these releases. I even have numbers stations recorded in the 90’s well before LOST and all that – so CONET try and sue me, I was there first 😛

First proper track is ‘Crash Out (Dotcom Crash)’ which you can hear above is a mashup of about 3 pieces – one was recorded when a music program called Orion crashed and named Electrocrash after the Great Electroclash Boom & Bust of 2002/3, another was a cutup from 2001 of the message you got when disabled a lot of user uploaded tracks and was about a lot of the Dotcoms failing at that point, and another was me breathing through a child’s toy for a jingle for my modul-8 radio in 1999. You can get some of these tracks as bonus tracks if you download the whole album!

Also of note is the suite of tracks using music from a certain composer (very much abstractly/echoed I must say, legal ed.) and Exit Strategies is some sort of strange gregorian proto dubstep – I seem to remember it was an attempt to remix gregorian chants that went like all my original music rather awry, it dates from 2003 well before I knew about dubstep or anything like that so at the time I was like WTF? then but listening now it seems rather ahead of it’s time…shame like all of these things, from my proto-hauntology to this I just left them to collect dust on my old minidiscs.

Also TIXE EXIT comes from my experiments in intentionally scratching CDs or recording ones from the library, this is a re-edit of one from the early 00s, my old crappy Goodmans portable CD would glitch and skip at any opportunity so it wasn’t hard to induce it. I remember recording this at my mum’s flat.

The image is one of the first photos I ever did, at aged 8 or 9. It’s my friend Miles abducted by aliens jumping off a swing, taken on 126 Instamatic, so it all comes full circle.

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