Reality Engine – TX 2 Bits and Bloops


I’ve collected a whole load more original musical digital cruft that was clogging up my hard drives and put it on Bandcamp and called it Transmission 2: Bits and Bloops…8-bit chiptunes, 16 bit Amiga (Octa)MED tracker songs, sound collages and live processing, funny songs, tape edits, video game music, rave, breakbeat/post-dubstep & acid house experiments, jingles, incidental music, silly songs and ambient hauntological drones. Something for everyone!

A more song-based collection it brings together some of the live electronics / soundpieces from the early 00s with remixed and original Amiga OctaMED and MED tracker pieces with some more recent acid house experiments.

FOUR! Count em, FOUR! album-only hidden bonus tracks including instrumental/alternate versions of the tracks here, and some secret (read: embarassing) gems.

Pay what you want for this dubious pile of bits and bytes including nothing – but remember free downloads are limited, and I’m a starving artist, etc. etc, etc!

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