RC 215: KLF Part 2 – Dead Sheep

Second part of the KLF story (part one is here) where we meet Bill Drummond strumming techno on a acoustic guitar, Jimmy Cauty goes into Space 1985, dogs rowing boats, abandon all art now, The fake (?) FoLKies, What Time Is 9/11 , remote scottish island rituals, german lounge punks, Royal Fail, David Starkey Ragga MC, guerilla radio stations and dead sheep.

Nods as ever go to the KLF Mailing List and Liberation Loophole.

This is Radio Freedom, Mine’s a 99% (115Mb, 1:57)

  • Radio Freedom vs FLK – intro
  • Radio Clash – ident
  • The KLF – What Time Is Love (LP version)
  • Bela B – Justified & Ancient (KLF)
  • Disco 2000 – One Love Nation (Radio edit)
  • KLF vs PSB – So Hard
  • Slusnik Luna vs. Peter Lowland – Last Train to Transcentral (Original Mix)
  • The KLF – Last Train To Trancentral (Remix 1)
  • The KLF – 3 A.M. Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital)
  • The KLF – Space (excerpt)
  • The KLF – The Rites Of Mu
  • The FLK – We Know Where The Time Goes
  • Transit Kings – The Last Lighthouse Keeper
  • Blacksmoke – Silent Night (BBC Session Mix)
  • Blacksmoke – Fuck The Fucking Fuckers
  • 2K – Fuck The Millennium
  • The One World Orchestra – The Magnificent
  • The KLF vs. Glove – Build a Fire
  • KLF vs Deichkind – Justified & Ancient Mumu Re-Visited
  • The KLF – Go to sleep
  • The KLF – Born free
Dead Sheep - Isle of Skye, Sept 2001
Dead Sheep, Isle of Skye, Sept 2001. I took this a few days after 9/11 on the Isle of Skye - it's included in the collage above, seemed strangely appropriate!


  1. Xavier
    February 6

    Great podcast. I would however say that mix cloud player is T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. Soundcloud or direct download is much better.

    • February 6

      There’s a direct download above – and Soundcloud expires all the time, only 100 downloads (I don’t have the money to pay for ‘pro’ either) and Mixcloud doesn’t expire.

    • February 6

      And official.fm have been ‘freezing’ and removing mashups/copyright material, as have Soundcloud, so it leaves Mixcloud…

  2. goodreds
    February 15

    I loved this – thanks for putting in the time and effort – a real blast from the past and it was also great to hear someone chime in on the FLK stuff.

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