Panos T’s video for Dylan Vasey’s Blinded to Stay

Must say sometimes an improbable mix of sources and a good video can really sell a mashup…if someone asked me if I would like a Rihanna vs dubstep track my answer would most likely be ‘no’ and a few more expletives. But Panos T’s video mixing Jakwob with the Rihanna video works really well as a juxtaposition (sometimes the choices of compatible videos you do make, rather than try to force together, like mashups is as much the creativity as the technical bits – it makes it look ‘easy’ but it isn’t. It’s like Disney Princesses: you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get a Prince…). And a track that I was on the fence on suddenly becomes a favourite and I’m googling Jakwob…(via Mashstix)

Relatio Clash

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