RC 204: Vinyl Fetish

Come back from Coachella with some Hot Easy Vinyl Action – not of the whipping feisty biker babes from hell sort, no the sort you put on a spinning platter – remember that? So this is an all-vinyl show, but having but one ‘deck’ (how that term is far too grand for my lowly USB turntable) and not listening to the vinyl I bought in California means a rather peripatetic show…but the next show already recorded is better, I promise!

I got the hots for you, do do do do betty boo (97Mb, 1hr 32)

  • Betty Boo – Doing the Do (The Good Doo-Bee Mix -12″)
  • Cults – Abducted (7″)
  • Love Unlimited Orchestra – Superman Theme (Promo 12″)
  • Tyree ft J.M.D. – Move Your Body (12″ LP)
  • Fast Eddie – Yo Yo Get Funky
  • Timelords – Doctorin’ The Tardis (Club Mix – 12″)
  • The Crap US mix of Theme From S’Express (part – 12″)
  • D.S. Building Contractors – One For The Burglar (12″ LP)
  • Bang The Party – Going Home To See My Baby (part 12″)
  • Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – FIrst Time We Met Musik (tour white label 7″)
  • Age of Chance – Kiss (Collision – 12″)
  • Lipps Inc – Designer Music (12″ LP)
  • Residents – Diskomo (part – 12″)
  • Residents – Goosebumps (Disaster – 12″)
  • Cults – Go Outside (2 Bears mix – 7″)
  • Tiny Tim – If I Had A Talking Picture of You (12″ from ‘Lost and Found’)
  • Tiny Tim – April Showers (12″ from ‘Lost and Found’)

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