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Me? Posting mashups? With my lack of interest? 😛

Well admittedly me and mashups have a chequered past recently, but it’s nice now I’m mostly away from that scene to very occasionally dive in and check out the best ones, rather than be bombarded with them day to day (and the egos! Oh the egos!) as I was 10-12 years ago. I can actually *enjoy* them now without most of the bullshit. Tip kids: never get to know your musical heroes, most are complete and utter kittens (cf. GYBO 2005).

So I checked out the last 11 volumes of Mash Up Your Bootz (hi Morgoth!) and distilled them down to 10-11 good tracks. In about an hour…yeah, I work fast (all those Radio Clash shows and DJ gigs did work towards at least one skill!). After hearing or making your nth mashup you can just look at a combo and go ‘yep’ or ‘nope’ or ‘maybe’ and usually be right. I did preview most of them just in case of that rare combo-that-shouldn’t-but-does, but not many surprises there. So many EDM mashups though…NEXT! But there are a few gems.

One of them was Loo and Placido – Romanian Dubsody (Queen vs Mitis) going back to their roots in chilled/dub mashups. I’d pretty much tuned out of L&P as they were the first go the way of DJs From Mars, Illuminoids et al into using banging EDM/brostep bobbins. (A big part of why me and mashups had to part is the never-ending rise of identikit Guetta/Avicii/EDM mashups and the Zombie Mashup Medley that Will Not Die.)

But this shows how good they are when the beats drop, they are the kings of the chilled mashup. I wish they’d do more like this, and screw the (probably lucrative) DJ gigs!

Another nice one I found seems to have fallen foul of the current Soundcloud pogrom – DJ Shades – Centuries of Rap. Finally a medley mashup that does not suck, Fall Out Boy ‘Centuries’ vs a history lesson in rap. You can download it here as part of #95. Tempted to make a video for this…it deserves a bigger audience.

One I already had which reminded me of how ace it still was is Colatron’s drum and bass take on Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Bass vs SkiiTour & The Funk Hunters. Click here for the video from Panos T.

Talking about stuff I’d already had, Oki’s Run DMC vs Queen still rocks the house, as does A.Skillz Queen vs Gesaffelstein which seems to have survived the Soundcloud purge..for now:

Another mashup artist who usually is quality is DJ Y Alias JY, who I keep calling Add DJ Alias to (X) by accident/purpose *cough* ;-). Love this M83 ‘Midnight City’ vs Peter Gabriel ‘In Your Eyes’ which also has a suitably spooky video:

And I collect ANY New Order mashups if they are any cop, and this Zhu ‘Faded’ vs Blue Monday one by DJ Y Alias JY again definitely fits the bill…even though it seems at one point EVERYONE was doing a Faded boot, it’s still a great track:

Another that is reliable to bring the LOLs as well as the fun tunes is G3rst, many times featured on Radio Clash. Love Santana N Pepa (Salt-N-Pepa vs. Santana ft. Rob Thomas), never heard Salt n Pepa sound so…latin!

And finally, another artist I thought had gone the way of the wind, Wax Audio is still around, and produced this lovely video/mashup of Pink Floyd ‘Saucerful of Secrets’ vs Eagles ‘Hotel California’ at the top of this post. I must watch that film of PF at Pompeii. Not so into the Floyd, but it does look like an amazing gig.

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