Royal Babylon – Criminal Record of the British Monarchy

This post appeared on Boing Boing questioning ‘Why aren’t the Brits more excited about the Royal Birth?‘ compared to the US? Well this film might go to explain a bit why not all ‘Brits’ like the royal family, or buy the propaganda or want tea towels or mugs with George Alexander Louis (After XIV? I’m happy to re-enact the Bastille when he’s older) on them. In fact quite a few Brits don’t really like being subjugated, really.

Surprising facts not just about Philip and the royals you know and love to hate, but also the new breed – their image carefully managed to not seem different. But the first part of Royal Babylon – where Wills and Harry kill small things in amazing abundance – goes way beyond that, even endangered species like Ibis. Also makes Diana seem saintly in her opposition to such things…not a fan of her either, but she did see how badly this all looked to the common man. (video via Scott Cairo)

And yes we don’t have a constitution – or any real control over these parasites…so don’t forgive me if I don’t yahoo along with the Royal Son and all that…because why cheer for something that imprisons us, and is just another drain on the State. A far bigger drain than anybody on welfare, I might add – millions to this fortunate son who just was born in the ‘right’ place. And just to prop up a tired tourism industry – see all the articles about the ‘royal baby boom‘ which lay bare the true link between Church, State, royalty and economy – all about distracting Bread and Circuses spectacle and flogging something, really.

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