Best comment so far on the Royal Sprog-in-waiting drop

Yup…I was amazed on all channels it was 24/7 Katewatch outside of the hospital…even odder is watching it on the news inside that very hospital waiting for a check up (it’s my local), of people on Sky News filming the other part of it, and later stumbling out into papps with big lenses on the way out bragging how they are going to take the ‘best’ picture of Kate & Wills.

Wall to wall on every site, station (especially BBC kowtowing to the royals), only Guardian had a clue and wit with their ‘Republican?’ filter.

Sad, so fucking sad. SMH. This parasite will cost us millions. Welcome Prince of Cambridge (ooh sounds like a dodgy pub!), unlike what ‘Call me’ Dave Cameron said I am not ‘celebrating with a very proud and happy couple tonight’. Glad for all couples that childbirth, a most traumatic act is successful, but less glad to be paying for all of it so we can have another useless heir to a corrupt and pointless dynasty that’s just there for the tourists.

Another Pointless Distraction taking us back to the Dark Ages, a bread and circuses spectacle as ‘Dave’ and co. not only try to reinvent the poorhouse but today sink ‘bad news’ about web filters which as myself and many others point out is not only unworkable (rating online content like sex shops? really?), has a vague ‘extreme’ tag which will probably lead to trials of the likes of Gay News vs Mary Whitehouse for obscenity, and I almost guarantee will filter out sexual health and gay rights sites to a demographic who really need it (highest new HIV group? 18-25…exactly the group if using the internet at their parent’s home will probably be blocked from accessing the likes of GMFA or Terrence Higgins sites etc).

But you probably won’t hear about THAT today, because it’s wall-to-wall Royal Baby.

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