I’m so cool and groovy I go bom bom bom

Am re-listening to Radio 1 in celebration of that bigoted Destroyer Of Radio 1 presenter being finally off the station (yay!) and heard this track by Sam & The Womp – Bom Bom. Love this it’s completely insane, skirting into Doop/novelty territory but rap meets dance meets klezmer/brass/gypsy with totally stupid lyrics. *snaps Kitkat* It’ll go along way (and probably has) – EDIT #1 in the charts while I was away? I am out of the loop!

Relatio Clash

Tim B Written by:


  1. Monty
    September 14

    Are you referring to Fatso?

    • September 14

      Could be, didn’t want to be sizeist cos I’m not exactly svelte myself. But I stopped listening to Radio 1 when he started, and promised I’d come back when he went….

  2. September 14

    I should have known you would like this. When I posted about it earlier in the week I should have tagged you to bring it to your attention. Most of what R1 plays is rubbish, but they do let the odd good track in. Evening shows are a bit better.

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