Electro Swing Aint Just Doop to Me

Just to prove those remixing vintage and old jazz tracks goes far beyond Doop or Americano is this new compilation Buonasera Signorina…Electro-swing isn’t dead, it just crackles that way 😉

Heard about this from an email from them*, but after only two tracks and even a thumbs up via Facebook from Pom Deter – I had to post this…quality and a lot of fun and those who have been following the excellent and scarily prolific likes of DJ Frogg and the Zoot Boots massif will LOVE this. Listening to the rest of the compilation it’s really good…like Odjbox – Teresina, DJNoNo in me loves the Muppetastic ‘Can The Frog Tap Dance’ – CHOON! and the first two tracks are a great start.

It even features a remix by Dr Cat of electro-swing pioneers and longterm Radio Clash favourites Real Tuesday Weld too. Out on 3 March 2013 via Pony Montana!

* transparency and independence is what this blog is about, I always say where I get stuff from 😉

Relatio Clash

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