RC 291: Out of the Window

Out of the window and what can I see?
Scaffold is gone and they are coming for me.

Yes the four month ordeal of ScaffoldGate is over, JUST in time for winter to appear so all the birds to have disappeared and the garden and outlook looks grumpy. Dark times ahead, from Kavanaugh hearing to twats online, this episode has hopefully more moments of light.

It was recorded on a Saturday where everyone seemed to be partying except me so I brought the party into the Radio Clash Bunker, A lot less angrier than the last episode, although it has it’s ‘clapbacks’ as teh kidz say nowadays…I do start with a metal cover of Radiohead and then At The Drive In after all, and then launch into hiphop after all!

Habibi funk, indie rock, punk, metal, post-hardcore, disco, funk, acid, pop, electro, even a mashup and some Chas & Dave! Just like the old times…

Oh and I forgot to say on the podcast – that Low track ‘Dancing And Blood’ was bugging me for ages what it reminded me of…they ‘borrowed’ ABBA’s ‘Name of the Game’! I looked for an indie/chillwave/lo-fi cover of ‘Name of the Game’ JUST FOR YOU – the things I do for this podcast – and found nothing. Get to it, cover makers…or mashup people, although I think you’ll struggle getting ‘pellas from Low or ABBA ๐Ÿ˜‰

The future looks dark so I better wear infrared goggles! (2:13, 196Mb)

  • Leo Moracchioli – Burn The Witch
  • At the Drive-In – Call Broken Arrow
  • Collapsed Lung – Let’s Get Jobs
  • Epic Beard Men – DIYMFS
  • King Bee – Back By Dope Demand
  • Robyn – Honey
  • Renee Galera-Holliss – G.O.D (Feat. Sky’high)
  • Attarazat Addahabia – Unknown
  • Dur-Dur Band – Halelo
  • ยต-Ziq – Melting Bas
  • Christine and the Queens – Doesn’t Matter
  • Everything Everything – Put Me Together
  • Courtney Barnett – City Looks Pretty
  • Donna Summer – Lucky (Horse Meat Disco’s for a Ride 2009 Re-Edit Version)
  • Crooked Man – Take It All Away (edit)
  • Stanislav Tolkachev – See You Tomorrow
  • The Monkees vs Doop – Mary on Doop (Sir Hank Mashup)
  • Amsterdam – Patrick (Vocals by Dorothy Shay) – The Drainpipe Song (Your Baby Has Gone Down The Drainpipe)
  • Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Reggae Merengue
  • John Cooper Clarke – Twat (Live)
  • Hi-Gloss – You’ll Never Know
  • cupcakKe – Self Interview
  • Anna Calvi – Swimming Pool
  • Lily Allen – Everything to Feel Something
  • Low – Dancing And Blood
  • Everything Everything – New Deep
  • Chas & Dave – Wonder Where He Is Now

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