RC 267: 16-bit Show Part 1 – Dungeon Nightmares

A long awaited (well by me anyway) sequel to the 8-bit Show, here’s double (or in some cases quadruple) the bits, and double the show if you listened to the stream last Wednesday since this is the new improved DLC extended version. EXTEND! NICE 1P! CHECKPOINT! This part is mostly about the video game music from the end of the ‘golden period’ of arcade games around 1984 and the start of the 16 bit era with games from SEGA, TAITO et al, but also includes some music from the 16 bit consoles like the Mega Drive, SNES & Genesis, some related 32 bit arcade games, and 16 bit computers like the Amiga, ST and PC. Includes original arcade music, covers, remixes, conversions, mod tracker music and sound fx. Next part will focus more on the Amiga, which will premiere over at Radio Clash Live on Wednesday 10pm UK time.

Embedded in the show are quite a few bonus sample references, from Gauntlet, Marble Madness, 720°, OutRun and more. See if you can collect all the gems!

Wizard Needs Groove Badly! (1:55, 150Mb)

  • Zuntata – Opening / Magical Beginning (from Bubble Symphony)
  • Madhatter – Unstoppable (Feat. Shelshocker)
  • Hal Canon – Gauntlet II (Title)
  • Earl Vickers and Hal Canon – Gauntlet (Bonus Stage)
  • Leandro Abreu – Gauntlet NES Theme C
  • Jonas Lefvert – Gauntlet (Acoustic Guitar Cover)
  • Bubble Symphony – Inside A Picture Book (Vocal Version)
  • Lucubrate – Bubble Bobble Dnb Mix 2004
  • Djpretzel – Bubble Bobble ‘Hillbilly Rodeo’
  • Zuntata – Candy Everywhere (from Bubble Symphony)
  • Neskimos – Zelda Dungeon
  • Tim & Geoff Follin – The Beach (from Plok!)
  • Abfuku – Space Harrier (Main Theme Piano Version)
  • Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra – Space Harrier Theme
  • Hiroshi Kawaguchi – Boss Battle Ida (Space Harrier 32X Version)
  • Djpretzel – Space Harrier ‘Disco’
  • Hiro & Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Space Harrier Theme On Vocal
  • Hiroshi Miyauchi – Passing Breeze
  • Abfuku – Magical Sound Shower Piano Version (from OutRun)
  • Hiroshi Kawaguchi – Hang-On Title
  • Hiroshi Kawaguchi – Hang-On Main Theme
  • Unknown – Ghosts n’ Goblins Main Theme Metal
  • Tim Follin – Ghosts n’ Ghouls
  • Tim Follin – Ghosts n’ Ghouls Highscore
  • Zgun – Sync (Pxtone)
  • Tim & Geoff Follin – Flea Pit (from Plok!)
  • Hal Canon and Earl Vickers – Intro (720°)
  • Hal Canon and Earl Vickers – Slalom (720°)
  • Taito – Arkanoid: Credit / Start Demo / Game Start
  • Taito – Arkanoid Revenge Of Doh: Start Demo / Game Start / Extend
  • Navi – Paperboy ‘Smooth Delivery’ OC ReMix
  • The Dead Guys – Paperboy ‘Peaperboayh’ OC ReMix
  • Abfuku – After Burner (Final Take Off Piano Version)
  • Future Crew – Fourth Symmetriad
  • Hal Canon and Earl Vickers – Marble Madness Intro
  • Abfuku arrangement – AIR – Miku Hatsune?

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