The music that we play will Es your mind – all the ravers and dubstep heads listen up

Rave like it’s 1991, to the 2011 wobble – love this video for Chase and Status’s new one – Blind Faith, reminds me of all the raves I wished I’d gone to. Love the fact that even the clothes are spot on from video and pics I’ve seen of these raves – from the granny knit type pullovers to the odd Pringles casual and the Kangol! They spent a lot of time making it look like someone’s home video from the early nineties – even I have a video from 1992 of Kirk and James and everyone round his that is the spit of the opening bit (well, without the drug use, but more Bubble Bobble LOL)…uncensored version can be found here.

And is that Slipmatt doing a cheeky cameo?

Top one, nice one, get sorted (via cartelmike).

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