Oh no, what’s happened to Soho?

Sadly this fun video by the Correspondents has a more serious side – for a while now the life and mix of people that’s made Soho (in)famous has been fighting a war with corporates, expensive bars, trinket shops and suchlike. We go there less and less…for instance our favourite restaurant Cafe Espana which I’ve been going to since I’ve known John (we used to go there with his friend John every Friday night, or to the Cafe Centrale – again long gone) and he’d been going to for 20+ years – the owners just sold up with no notice, and it’s not the same. Seems the twinkification and gentrification of the area runs apace 🙁

Great tune, anyway…a mix of oldtime 20’s jazz and modern dance music that doesn’t sound like Doop, more depraved and danceable. And is that Molly Parkin? LOL (via Steve holy13nation)

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