Radio Clash 116: Born to Synthesise

Sun is shining, all around us, merry christmas everyone…err something’s not totally right there?

Usual tune/talk/ramble interface, with sun shine still hitting the UK like a wet haddock, Bastard #2 at the Macbeth report, and I spend the life savings of small Guatemalan children on CDs and feel fine about it.

You see I spent this whole post and I avoided the bad Sunthesise joke, I’m proud of myself: (64Mb, 88mins)

  • Lupe Fiasco – Sunshine (from Food and Liquor)
  • London Elektricity – Different Drum (from Billion Dollar Gravy)
  • Susan Cadogan – Fever (from Trojan Reggae Sisters)
  • Ken Boothe – Everything I Own (from Trojan Originals)
  • DJ Wrongtom – Bloody England
  • Skatalites – Skata Skata
  • Jungle Brothers – Because I Got it Like That (from Original HipHop Selection)
  • Bumblebee Unlimited – Bumblebee Rap (from Original HipHop Selection)
  • Public Enemy – Can’t Do Nuttin For Ya Man (from Fear of a Black Planet)
  • Vicious Rumor Club – Whole Lotta Love (Original US version) (from Original HipHop Selection)
  • Vicarious Bliss – Limousine (from Ed Banger Rec 2)
  • Uffie – Dismissed (from Ed Banger Rec 2)
  • fujikato – fcks a small boy
  • SebastiAn – Ross Ross Ross (liggybaby’s fuck me harder edit)
  • ELO – At the End of the World (from Time)
  • London Elektricity – Born to Synthesise (from Billion Dollar Gravy)
  • Vangelis – Blade Runner Blues (OST)
  • Yoko Ono – Toy Boat (With Antony Of Antony And The Johnsons & Hahn Rowe) (from Yes I’m a Witch)
  • Ivor Cutler – I Had a Little Boat (from Ludo)
  • Pet Shop Boys – Numb (New Radio Version)
  • American Analog Set – These Days (AmAnSet Keystroke mix)
  • Petra Haden – God Only Knows


  1. Lee (iMotorAway)
    April 19

    Wow…this was a fantastic podcast Tim! I especially liked the Bloody England, Everything I Own and of course the Ed Banger Mix. Do you have Ed Rec 1 yet?

  2. Kieran
    April 19

    Great podcast Tim, keep up the good work

  3. Chris Knight
    April 22

    Loved the downbeat ending, not much for the proto-rap, but amusing nonetheless. Ever hear the New American Orchestra version of the Blade Runner soundtrack? Probably the worst piece of clap trap ever recorded and foisted upon the unsuspecting fans of Blade Runner. “If you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes.” Thankfully, Vangelis released his version after many years and after an over-priced and poorly-produced bootleg came out.

    I’m a huge fan of Vangelis and own pretty much his entire catalog. Favs that are lesser-known: Spiral, See You Later (a little more experimental), 1492 (brings me to tears, literally!), Odes/Rhapsodies with Irene Papas. Awesome musician.

  4. May 8

    don’t tell me…

    i mention FOABP (P.E.) as one of my fave albums (over on Strangely Familiar)

    and you dig it out?


    (ok years later doesn’t make it spooky BUT did you notice you’re playing more PE this year?)

    Cold lampin’,
    the Freak

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