Tag: Whole Lotta Love

January 3 /

Ah this was the ‘edit babylon’ soundhog was talking about on Twitter, a new video for his Led Zeppelin vs The Beatles bootleg….love the psychedelic slow and cartoon bits during the drops and the freakout at the end!

March 31 /

Wasn’t going to post this since I’m playing this bootleg in the next Radio Clash podcast, but it’s tearing up the blogosphere and even just been played on Radio 6Music so I thought Soundhog’s Led Zeppelin vs Beatles mashup –…

December 29 /

Glad to see RX’s Happy RXMas and a Whole Lotta Love gets a nice new video…love the robots!

April 19 /

Sun is shining, all around us, merry christmas everyone…err something’s not totally right there? Usual tune/talk/ramble interface, with sun shine still hitting the UK like a wet haddock, Bastard #2 at the Macbeth report, and I spend the life savings…