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June 12 /

One Hundred and EEEiiiightyyyyy!!!! Last of the Beatles Podcasts, a bumper edition concentrating on the end of the Beatles, their various followups in mashup and cover form, and John Lennon’s death. I live near Abbey Road so I just popped…

April 12 /

Last Thursday we did a special themed gig at the Parkade in Second Life around the music of the Pet Shop Boys. I DJ’d first for 2 hours, then Amanda Shinji aka Ms Cyberpink DJ’d for 2 hours – you can hear her mix here. My set included a real mixture of originals, covers, remixes, mashups, collaborations and even the odd spoof 😀

In this mix I included To Speak is a Sin, one of my coming out songs, as it is as I correctly guessed before Mr Tennant’s coming out, about a gay bar – takes me back to those times!

C.L.I.C.K.I.N.G. we’re clicking (108Mb, 128mins)


  • Pet Shop Boys – We’re the Pet Shop Boys
  • Pet Shop Boys – Love Comes Quickly (Automatic Drum Beat Mix)
  • DJ Magnet – Love Comes Running Up That Hill Quickly
  • Pet Shop Boys – You Know Where You Went Wrong
  • Pet Shop Boys – Two Divided by Zero
  • Xam – West End Jump
  • Flight Of The Conchords.- Inner City Pressure
  • Junobot – What Have I Done To Deserve This
  • Pet Shop Boys – Paninaro ’95
  • Electronic – Disappointed
  • judgedreadfull – don’t drop the washing up
  • Yoko Ono – Walking On Thin Ice (Pet Shop Boys Electro Mix)
  • Pet Shop Boys – It’s A Sin (DreamTime Mix v2.0)
  • Pet Shop Boys – Left To My Own Devices
  • Pet Shop Boys – In Private (7″ mix)
  • Pet Shop Boys – Sodom (Trentmoller remix)
  • Pet Shop Boys – Psychological (alter ego remix)
  • Pet Shop Boys – Yesterday, When I Was Mad
  • 10000 Spoons – Polyminimal-C
  • Pet Shop Boys – Shopping
  • Carter USM – Rent (Pet Shop Boys)
  • Pet Shop Boys – We All Feel Better In the Dark
  • Pet Shop Boys – I Want A Dog
  • KLF vs PSB – So Hard
  • Pet Shop Boys – DJ Culture
  • Pet Shop Boys – How I Learned To Hate Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • Pet Shop Boys – Party Song
  • Pet Shop Boys – A Red Letter Day
  • Pet Shop Boys – Go West
  • Pet Shop Boys – To Speak Is A Sin
  • Pet Shop Boys – Tall Thin Men (Demo)

Parkade Shop Boys (and Girls) press shot

April 19 /

Sun is shining, all around us, merry christmas everyone…err something’s not totally right there? Usual tune/talk/ramble interface, with sun shine still hitting the UK like a wet haddock, Bastard #2 at the Macbeth report, and I spend the life savings…