R2D2PAC: Star Wars Gangsta

When I saw the video of the spooky Tupac hologram at Coachella, I KNEW something like this would shortly hit the streets…very good! Although Star Wars has kinda got there before. Yes Star Wars is pre-parodying itself, as we saw in my previous post…

As I said online though, I never really got the whole Saint 2Pac thing, I’ve tried to get him, but never rated him as a rapper (still better than Biggie or P Diddy though!). Around this time though I switched off from rap due to the lazy records from this time, it was a formula and boy it was drained of life, repetitive unimaginative violent imagery and unending beefs which just became boring, apart from Snoop and Tribe Called Quest who kept the faith or the party vibe. It took a new generation of Missy, Eminem, The Streets et al to get me back into hiphop.

Oh and this is doing the rounds….still doing that Imma Kanye meme? Wow, as living dead as 2Pac!

(via Andy Churchill)

EDIT: Got an email from SethwardProductions claiming that his video had been reposted and that he’d made it – interestingly the other poster has now amended his description to reflect this credit. Usual YouTube M.O. especially dealing with appropriated copyright content which can get pulled with no notice (people have reposted my videos – it’s why you always put your name inside the video! Would only bother me if someone was taking credit in making it, which it seems this person wasn’t).

So internet drama solved, amirite? Well…

What I found strange though was the claim by Sethward in two emails that the other video ‘going to be deleted soon if not already’?

Only content owners can DMCA/pull a video or issue a content strike on YouTube. And I doubt he owns this content….or got permission. That would take weeks/years and a lot of money. Shame, I would’ve switched the video & added extra credit if it wasn’t for that. Hmm.

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