All Hail The New Improved HoloMJ

Here’s the Michael Jackson Hologram Billboard performance that everyone’s talking about, if like me you found the initial YouTube posts pulled by the time I got to them.

Same happened to the Tupac Coachella perfomance, almost completely scrubbed off the Net, I had fun trying to find that one to replace a broken link from 2012 and could only find a low quality crowd shot (so the person who said that ‘But at least the video mashups would be great‘ is wrong, unless the online copyright trolls like Sony Media Entertainment, EMI et al start living in the 21st century).

The MJ one impressive, but also Uncanny Valley to the max and strangely paramilitary in tone to begin with (I doubt Mr Earth Song would approve of that). Also MJ’s face is wrong…it’s not as good as the Tupac one, but a pretty good demonstration that others can do it despite lawsuits, hopefully for a lower price tag (the cost of the Tupac one was eye watering…).

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