Radio Clash 70: UBER interview special!

It’s the UBER interview special as A+D come over from San Francisco, Holestar performs at UBER along with Poj and others, I get drunk at the afterparty talking to Ian Fondue and Andy Churchill from MakeSomeNoise, and a very big celebrity drops by interrupting my interview, gosh darn him!

Some really good pics from A+D of the party and after-party here including me looking surprisingly good in D’s pink hat, doing the Andy interview, and the Ian Fondue interview- respect to A+D for taking decent pictures of me! It’s harder than it looks (fnar).

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  1. April 6


    Damn it Tim, get your arse back from bastard and fix it. I wanna hear how tired and emotional I sounded damn it!

  2. Dove
    April 6

    The show, she not there.

  3. April 7

    it should be fixed now – last time I leave it on automatic (the upload failed for some reason!)

  4. April 7

    Nice pics, grabbing the show as I type… whilst chuckling at churchy’s bare faced cheek….. how about sorting your OWN podcast out before complaining about everyone else not being on the ball! 😛

  5. April 7

    hehehe yeah! Very true…kind of talk about that in the show about MSN being monthly atm 😉
    Thanks for checking the show out 😀
    Those are great pics from A+D…I was in shock because I usually don’t photograph at all well, so respect to the photographers 😀

  6. April 7

    Gosh I talk some poo! Jack White has a medium strength handshake. Its true.

  7. April 10

    This is quite possibly the best show you’ve done. Brilliant, thanks 🙂

  8. […] News just in, Holestar (recently dubbed ‘the loudest lungs in London’ she was interviewed by yours truly on Radio Clash #72) recently collaborated and performed a new MINTY* track at Kashpoint with Richard Torry and Mathew Glamorre, and the track ‘It’s a Game pt 2’ is now on Myspace for download – check it out it’s good mad crazy Japanese style game sample splattered fun (with knobs on) (at night) (with a cherry on top). Deserves to be everywhere and my spies tell me that someone you all know from GYBO and I’ve played many a time on Radio Clash (no not me! someone far far better) is remixing it also. This after being featured in the recent George Michael vid, hey London better watch out, Holestar’s about! […]

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