The rise of the holographic pop star

Twitter, blogosphere and the press is buzzing about 2Pac rising from the dead as a hologram at Coachella, but it’s not a new phenomenon. In Japan they have totally virtual stars now touring as holograms – here’s Hatsune Miku in 2010 performing in front of a massive crowd. She’ll never stop being 16, she’ll never leave and never grow up…the perfect pop star, but like 2Pac there’s something rather uncanny valley and ghoulish about it, really.

Even the singing is virtual via Vocaloid for Hatsune, a Frankenstein creation where voices are digitised and anyone can recreate singers via software alone. Very popular – I mean the reuploaded video on YouTube looks like it’s had 14 million views in a week (!!!). So, the future of pop?

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