Radio Clash 122: Loud n’ Angry

Not one but 2 episodes of Radio Clash – this is the first where I get as loud as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.

And talk about car bombs, Pride, Doctor Who, sponsored by the letter K for bootleg albums, and the upcoming gig in Second Life at Delos at 8pm UK / 12pm SL/PST this Saturday – come along!

Shout shout let it all out: (54Mb, 67mins)


  • Negativland – Car Bomb
  • Sepultura – Bullet the Blue Sky
  • Die Krupps – Fatherland (Sisters of Mercy mix)
  • Pride Washout and Car Bombs
  • DJ Schmolli – Land of Sonic Numbers (from Bootwerk)
  • Electrosound – Relax, I wanna be Trash (from Kitsune Maison Mashed)
  • Lesbians on Ecstasy – Sisters in the Struggle (from We Know You Know)
  • Electrosound – Supermassive Rainbow (from Kitsune Maison Mashed)
  • The Robots (Dunproofin‘s Where Were You In ’92 Mix – from Bootwerk)
  • Doctor Who and Donna
  • Aaron Spectre – B1 Pay To Cum VIP (clip)
  • Juxtaposeur – Here Come the Drums
  • Dalek, I Love You – Dalek, I Love You
  • Copycat vs. Celebrity Murder Party – In A Trans European Manner Of Speaking ( from Bootwerk)
  • Electrosound – Cherry Blossom Sister
  • Instamatic – Comfortable Run
  • I’ve got a Gig in Second Life! (at Delos, Saturday at 8pm UK / 12pm SL)
  • Iron and Wine – Always On My Mind (live)


  1. Chris Knight
    July 6

    Caaar boooooom!!!! One of my favorite Negativland pieces from their seminal Escape from Noise album…Gotta be their best.

    Ever hear “Asteroid” by Killing Joke? Quite cool, crank it!

  2. July 7

    Funnily enough the 4th Angry track I axed to fit the interview in (then put it in another show) was Implant by Killing Joke 😀

  3. Timsdad
    July 14

    Loved the “Always on my mind” cover. Best version I’ve ever heard.

    Incidentally I think the Presley version was itself a cover of an old Willie Nelson song. Probably why it has a bit more “edge” than Presley’s later schmaltzy rubbish.

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