Mash those kids! (tunes)

There’s something about taking kids tunes or children’s TV videos and editing them to totally inappropriate music? Childish, but that’s the point…evilly so πŸ˜‰

So, DJNoNo approves of such silliness as editing Bert & Ernie to M.O.P. (NSFW)

GI Joe? More Gangsta Joe: (again NSFW)

Teletubbies love to shake that booty (NSFW)

Muppets go Dirty South Metal Rap (extremely NSFW)

Tupac the Purple Dinosaur (NSFW)

Miss Piggy Peaches (most definitely NSFW)

Alice in Weederland: (NSFW)

And finally, Jungle Book? More like Gangster Book: (NSFW probably, I’ve stopped counting)

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