30 years of Hip Hop; 1 hour; 538 tunes

jskills The ‘how many tunes can you cram into a mini?’ challenge continues – well this went out earlier in the year but I missed it – Jaguar Skills mixing 30 years of hiphop in one hour…it’s a total nostalgia fest for me, especially as my interest in bootlegs coincided with hiphop & RnB getting it’s act together after years of boring gangsta posturing and chin-stroking 70’s soul samples. This mix confirms what I’ve always thought – that the years 1997-99 were the worst in hiphop – I lost interest in all that 2Pac/Biggie shit and was frankly relieved when they were killed (I wonder if it was by music lovers? :-P).

May have made for headlines, books and films but made with a few exceptions (cohort Puffy, Dre’s California Love) for terrible introverted dirge-like music. A bit like crunk is now but with less ‘yeahs’. So I was happy when 1999 was the year that TUNES and FUN and ELECTRONICS came back, although 98 was a lot better than 97, the lowpoint. Thankfully it seems with Kanye, Lupe and Kid Cudi that the intelligent and POP is now again back in hiphop? Hope so…

Anyway you can find this mix here (it’s a radio rip, as you’d expect as it was only available on BBC Radio 1). Let me know if the link goes down and I’ll up it somewhere…deserves to be up, no way this could ever be put out legit as the rights on 538 tunes alone would take years to clear and probably hundreds to buy!


  1. juan carlos
    September 22

    this is great, but i don’t think i heard any music from the pharcyde!!!! 🙁

  2. laura
    September 25

    link is down 🙁

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