Toys of Mass Destruction

Well not saying the Robokopter is a toy, but the very similar yet cheaper AR.Drone is…I wonder how long it’ll be before drones are used in news gathering and riot situations? I guess Mr Robokopter didn’t want his Canon camera trashed, but with cheaper cameras and broadcast/security situations I’m sure it’ll be soon. Helicopters are far from cheap too…and such devices can get in a lot closer.

I find it interesting how many toys are based on military technology (or maybe vice versa?) – from the drone to the Star Wars Mind Trainer which although originally based on medical technologies something similar yet more advanced is now being considered for fighting wars via mind waves. Certainly if the Middle East is anything to go by, the future of war is drones. Although that takes us into some Terminator/ethical style areas if an AI is used, or machine fails killing someone accidentally, or a random thought kills someone.

Even down to the humble phone, we now have image recognition with a single click – same technology was used to try and recognise rioters in London.

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