Naked Citizens – Documentary on CCTV and Drones

Amazing stuff from Journeyman Pictures this documentary talks about the rise of CCTV in the UK, the use of drones in surveillance, and some really scary stories about how people are being tracked digitally across the world, some for no reason than the types of words they use – as in the case of Andrej Holm.

Big Brother is watching you, and is in your phone, your social media, your computer, your webcam, your home.

I was amazed that people were surprised when the story ‘broke’ recently about black boxes in US phone exchanges. Sorry, did Project Echelon, software backdoors, PGP, the warrantless wiretapping not give a clue? Like drones, it does seem people make a fuss when it’s far too late…or have very short memories, or as I suspect don’t really care nor try to understand thinking it’s a bunch of black helicopter freaks. Well, sorry, this has been on the card for aeons and every time something happens like 9/11 or Woolwich with the Snooper’s Charter they yank a few more rights away…

But have you noticed something? It’s not actually any safer, as pointed out in the video CCTV doesn’t stop anything happening, and actually from Boston to 7/7 to 9/11 to Woolwich has only provided evidence after the fact – in the case of Boston most of the evidence was from other people, not CCTV. I doubt anyone is watching anyway – so how can this be safer? In this brave new world they can’t even stop any of these things from happening. That’s the deluded part, people give away their rights to feel safer, but it doesn’t actually mean you are. It’s just security theatre to provide good front pages, go on, wave to the people at home in your final seconds… Or in the case of Andrej Holm it becomes a waste of time, wrongly accusing a man who is put into solitary for 30 days then never charged – such AI and automated systems have a real problem of false positive. Do you want to be that person? That ‘false positive’?

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