Mashup Say, Mashup Do

A sample search and a post over in Facebook by Lee 10,000 Spoons reminded me – one of the people I mentally fingered (oo-er) for the First Mashup show was Westbam – but for some reason forgot – his classic Alarm Clock was, if a little repetitive and pre-figuring the techno revolution, one of mashup’s forebears – keeping that loop and sample, the disco drops – and was used in a later mashup itself, as the stealthy basis (and inspiration?) of E-Jitz ‘Two Madgelane Fuckers’. Yes Andy & Richie, we spotted 😛

Here’s Monkey Say, Monkey Do – you can hear the mid 80’s Age of Chance/Bomb the Bass/Steinski style cutup medley starting to morph into something more fluid, more techno, continued in the likes of “Roof is on Fire’:

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