Faither of E-Jitz Underground Bacon minimix

Faither Of E-Jitz – Underground Bacon September Minimix by Undergroundbacon on Mixcloud

Here’s one track off the free CD mix given out at Underground Bacon at the Tunnels in Aberdeen. Tis a wonderful mix of Ivor Cutler, Accordions, KLF, Osymyso, Kid Carpet (that used to be a staple of my sets!) and such madness. You can download it and the other parts here (except Dunproofin’s which has been strangely banhammered by The Man).  (from PomDeter)

EDIT: managed to smuggle the Dunproofin Underground Bacon minimix past the Copyright Trolls and it’s a corker…so I’ve got permission from Pom to repost it here. It contains rather a wonderful acidic mashup of Daft Punk and others versus a certain band from Liverpool…dunno if their label is responsible for the block on Mediafire. Either way I’m happy to repost it as its brill, but with the added bonus that I do like to put two fingers up to their record label, as you might have noticed over the years…

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  1. Oi! That’s Faither of E-Jitz to you! Thanks for choosing my one,

    Yours creakingly

    Old man F.O. E-Jitz (mrs)

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